News and Notes – 2/13/21

Keston Hiura

Trying to finalize my personal 2B rankings and dug a little into Keston Hiura. There is positive history in the minors to suggest a successful upcoming season. However, the 2020 vs. 2019 season comparison is less than favorable. Take this for what it is: a glimpse into a player based on relatively small sample sizes in both 2019 and 2020.

2019 2020
Pull Percentage 27%/31% (statcast/fangraphs) 36%/38%
Hard Hit Percentage 44% 29%
Strikeout Rate 30% 34%

Miscellaneous Notes
2019 Average Exit Velocity = 91.4 mph (28th MLB)
2019 Max Exit Velocity = 112.4 mph (94th MLB)

Looking at Statcast images below show a significant dropoff in year-to-year exit velocity.

Projections have him at ~30 home runs and 12 stolen bases | .246-.258 batting average

Projected cleanup for Milwaukee

Quick TakeI’m ok passing on Hiura.


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